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THE DEVIL'S LOVE-CHAPTER 1 THE DEVIL'S LOVE-CHAPTER 1 THE DEVIL'S LOVE-CHAPTER 1 To those who say; the devil can't love To them I say- the devil can love It is a love of blind fury and passion A love fit for two And though his methods, unconventional His heart be pure and true To those who ask; how does... Read more
THE BLACK MIND CHAPTER 2 ANIMALS AND THEIR HABITATS “The Negro is a stage in the slow evolution of monkey into man”-according to Frantz Fanon but a plausible statement nonetheless. If we look at the features of the black man we find more similarities... Read more
WHAT BREXIT SAYS ABOUT DEMOCRACY WHAT BREXIT SAYS ABOUT DEMOCRACY Some 150 years ago on November 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln gave what is now regarded one of the best definitions of democracy to date. He said, democracy was ‘power of the people, for the people, by the people.’ Fast forward to June 23, 2016 we saw what... Read more
PSYCHOPATHY IS FUN!-INCOMPLETE PSYCHOPATHY IS FUN!-INCOMPLETE Psychopathy-in the words of Paul Babiak and Robert Hare (2006)-is a condition in which the patients are without conscience and are incapable of empathy, guilt or loyalty to anyone but themselves. There is a growing level of controversy surrounding the... Read more
A NIGGER'S PAST-PART 1 A NIGGER'S PAST-PART 1 The white man is curious, there is no question of it. It was that curiosity, that desire to know the unknown that drove him to the shores of Africa. Unlike many historical cultures, the African history is not one that comes across as independent. When... Read more
WE'RE ALL NAZIS-PART 1 WE'RE ALL NAZIS-PART 1 Dealing with Nazi past was not the reason for the generational conflict that drove the student motive, but merely the form it took. Parental expectations from which every generation must free itself, were nullified by the fact that these parents had failed... Read more
GOD'S NOT DEAD GOD'S NOT DEAD God is dead, the illustrative metaphor which is the basis of all atheist “faith”, the implication being not that God somehow died, but that he never really existed in the first place-other than in the depths of our forebears’ imagination. A mentality... Read more
National Poetry Day #nationalpoetryday #badselfie @Highgate National Poetry Day #nationalpoetryday #badselfie @Highgate https://instagram.com/p/9WIFylk8n7/ Read more
Galloway Forest #forestlife #Scotland @Galloway Forest Galloway Forest #forestlife #Scotland @Galloway Forest https://instagram.com/p/9TYQwWk8ia/ Read more
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